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A retaining wall is essentially a large stack of bricks meant to hold back dirt that has been moved during construction. Retaining walls might not seem like exciting features, but they can have a big impact on your landscaping. Most walls give property owners flat land to work with and aid in controlling water flow. Somerset Lawn and Landscaping is your source for a professional retaining wall installation in Bargersville, IN.

If you're ready to install a custom retaining wall at your home or place of business, reach out to today. You can count on us to design and build a custom feature that fits your needs for a price that won't break your budget.

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Do you need a retaining wall?

Do you need a retaining wall?

Many business and homeowners like the geometric look of a retaining wall. However, the blocks can take some time to install properly and are a more expensive investment. If you're weighing your choices, talk to the experts at Somerset Lawn and Landscaping. We'll recommend scheduling hardscaping services if:

You want to make better use of a hill
You're looking for a solution to a flooding or erosion issue
You want to create a custom feature that boosts your curb appeal

Retaining walls can be built in many shapes and sizes. Talk to a pro in Bargersville, IN today to discuss your retaining wall installation ideas.